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Clinical Offerings

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Individual Psychotherapy 

Cultivate Wellness offers individual psychotherapy services to support individuals in navigating the complexity of life's challenges. We believe that therapy is not a one size fits all experience, thus will work collaboratively with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that will address your unique needs. We provide an integrative approach to therapy that incorporates evidenced based techniques including but not limited to acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, depth psychology, dialectical behavioral therapy, family systems, narrative therapy and strength based techniques.

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Family Therapy

Cultivate Wellness is proud to offer family therapy services to traditional and non traditional families that promotes trust, safety, and respect.


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Tele-therapy (telehealth) 

Clients can receive modern-day therapy that is convenient, confidential and effective through our online/virtual counseling services. In contrast to traditional office-based therapy, online therapy is a valuable way to provide timely and flexible support from the comforts of a client’s home, office or during travel.


Couples Therapy

Cultivate wellness is excited to provide therapeutic support for couples seeking to work through relationship issues. Integrating The Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and The Developmental Couples Model, we will work collaboratively to map out the strengths and growing edges of your relationship to support you in achieving shared goals.



Group Counseling

Cultivate Wellness is proud to offer a variety of topic centered process, skill, and psychoeducational counseling groups for teens and adults. 

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Life Coaching
In life coaching, clients work to clarify personal and professional goals in addition to identifying problematic behaviors in order to take direct actions to achieve their goals.  Life coaching supports clients in developing  empowerment and motivation strategies to define and cultivate your goals.

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Therapy for Teens and Young Adults

Cultivate Wellness specializes in serving teens and young adults in navigating the complexity of adolescence and young adulthood.



Mental Health Evaluations

Cultivate Wellness offers comprehensive mental health diagnostic evaluations designed to assist individuals in gaining a better understanding of their mental health and emotional well-being. 


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Ecotherapy is a form of therapy which "acknowledges the vital role of nature and addresses the human-nature relationship". People are intimately connected with, embedded in, and inseparable from the rest of nature. Grasping this fact deeply shifts our understanding of how to heal the human psyche and the currently dysfunctional and even lethal human-nature relationship". Ecotherapy sessions may include walk & talk sessions, hiking, surfing, horticulture therapy, expressive arts, mindfulness practices, or authentic movement.

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